Hi, I'm Shrey from India

Hi, its me Shrey Batra from Delhi, India. I work as a Product Developer / Backend Developer @ Innovaccer, India. Mostly I work in building automated workflow products and making it generalized for custom use cases. I have been using MongoDB tech stack for like 3 years now, stating with the community edition and being with Atlas/Stitch/Charts since the beginning. In MongoDb World 2019, I also won the best use of MongoDb Mobile. Feel free to reach out with anything about Mongo or about product development as a whole.

P.S let’s also meet in World 2020.


Welcome @shrey_batra! Glad to have you join us here!

Hi @shrey_batra, welcome to the new community forums. Glad to see you here.

If I make it to MDBW this year I would love to meet up with you.

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Hey Shrey, welcome to the party :slight_smile:

Good luck with your talk at MDBW20. If you need a hand reviewing it feel free to shoot me a message.

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Sure @Doug_Duncan, will hope to see you there…

Sure @alexbevi, lemme just complete the slides first… Too behind on that…

Hi Shrey,

Welcome to the community! I look forward to saying hi at World!

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