Hey folks! Join me tomorrow for a Twitch Swift Driver Livestream Event!

Ever thought about using Swift with MongoDB? Jump on with @nraboy and me tomorrow! We’ll go live at 1 pm EDT tomorrow, August 28th and I’ll demonstrate the use of the MongoDB Swift Driver and provide a walkthrough of Xcode and this awesome development environment.

https://twitch.tv/mongodb - August 28th @ 1pm EDT

I’ll be placing some resources and links back here in the Drivers & ODMs section. In the meantime, who’s using Swift on the Server-side? Anybody?


Hey Folks - thanks for tuning in. If you want to check out the source code for the demo today, visit https://github.com/mrlynn/csvimport-swift - let me know your thoughts on adding argument processing to this project. I’d like to accept arguments like this:

csvimport-swift --file=/Users/mlynn/Desktop/example.csv --database=students --collection=people

Would you use a third party library - or - do you use native swift libraries for argument parsing?