Help with planning my project

I want to buit an express app that would include a mongodb database. The problem is that I don’t have acces to a credit card to register to a mongodb atlas account. Also, because the client I work wants to have everything hosted on french servers, I don’t think I can use the free tier of Atlas.

So it seems like I need to build my app with it’s own database in it. I’m used to building apps with vueJs and Firebase as a backend. But because the client is picky, I need to change my game plan.

I had already posted a question to know if this was possible, but I have questions about all this…

Is that a good idea? It won’t be a very busy site. Just a few visits per month.
Do I need to install mongodb on the server?
If I want to use mongoose. Do I install mongodb first?
would the mongodb npm package incorporate a mongodb database automatically?

I have a hard time understanding how all of this works! Hope someone can help!

Hi @Eric_Podhorecki,

From what I see, Paris is available for the Free Tier and I think you don’t need to setup a credit card for the Free Tier. It’s not recommend for a prod environment but for a small project like this and for a development environment, it’s more than enough I think.

The NPM MongoDB package is the MongoDB Driver: mongodb - npm.

If you want to deal with MongoDB yourself, I’d check all these docs and plan for a 3 node replica set which is the minimum for a production env (and what MongoDB Atlas provides by default).

Managing the MongoDB cluster yourself is definitely a LOT more work. Atlas provides the automation (deployment, updates, security, …), the monitoring system (alert and resource charts) and the automatic backup. If you choose the DIY route, it means you have to find a solution for all these :sweat_smile:.


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thank you for you well explained massage. I understand it might not be the best solution to host it myself.

I check if the free tier is enough for the project, but it looks ok.

Thanks again!

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