Help with Internal Keyfile-Based Authentication in MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator

Hello everyone,

I’m currently working on setting up a MongoDB deployment using the MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator. I’m aiming to implement internal keyfile-based authentication for my MongoDB replica set, but I’m encountering some challenges in finding the relevant documentation or guidelines for this specific setup.

My current YAML configuration for the MongoDB resource is as follows:

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kind: MongoDB
  name: replicaset-new
  namespace: mongodb
  members: 3
  version: "4.2.2-ent"
      name: my-project # Must match in ConfigMap file
  credentials: organization-secret # must be the secret that you have created
  type: ReplicaSet
  persistent: true

I understand that keyfile-based authentication is a crucial aspect of ensuring secure communication within the replica set, but I am not sure how to integrate this into my current Kubernetes setup with the MongoDB Operator.

Has anyone here implemented a similar setup or can point me to the right direction? Specific guidance on modifying the YAML configuration to support keyfile-based authentication, or any relevant documentation, would be highly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

@Tanmay_Bhandge Any luck ? I am looking at keyfile setup in community edition.