Help with data modeling - nested objects

I’m working on data modeling for my web application. I have several abstract data layers:

  1. ip address
    ip address contain several fields itsels, like “asnName”, “orgName” and may have more fields in future
  2. port(s)
    each ip address may contain one or several ports. Each port consists several fields like: “protocol”, “state”, “banner”, “service”.
  3. check(s)
    each port may contain one or several checks. Each check consists fields like: “result”, “description”, “name”. Result may contain up to 1MB data. (Thinking about storing it as a file)

In general, collection contains several IPs, each IP several ports and each port several checks. All of objects and fields are readable and writable.
Which models I’ve tried:

  1. Deeply nested structure: all in one collection.
    one document contains one ip with all data inside. ip[ports[checks]]
    pros - it is comfy to retreive information about one or all IPs, for not deep nested structure (ports) I use simple queries
    cons - it is hard to perforn any kind of manipulations with checks as they are deeply nested. The uniqeness of ip-port_number-port_protocol should be maintained by the application.

  2. Semi Denormalized structure.
    collection consists of documents, each document contains: IP_address, port_number, protocol_number, checks for its port.
    pros - it is easy to work with ports and checks. Working with checks more comfortable than in 1-Deeply nestes structure
    cons - if I want to update IP and related data I have to delete all documents ip-port_number and insert new ones.

  3. Using separate collections for ips-ports and checks
    ips and ports are in one collection, and checks are in another. IPs collection has structure as in 1-Deeply nested structure, except there is no check list for each port. Each check lies in each document inside checks_collection and has reference to appropriate document in ip document in ips collection by duplicating data - ip_address, port_number, port_protocol.
    pros - the most comfort way to perform any kind of operations with checks
    cons - the most uncomfort way to perform any kind of operation except checks :slight_smile:

So one of the strongest feature which I want to add to my app is sorting ips and ports by result of checks. Is it checked or not.

But first, I want to decise which model structure suits me most. Possibly, I miss something. Any advice would be so much appreciated