Help with aggregation query

Hi everyone
Can i get some help on the following?
This is my current code:

{$match:{JS_asin:“Product ID”}},


However the question asks the following:
List the product ID and title of all products in the “Shorts” category. No other
product details are required. I need to use the aggregation pipeline method.
Can someone help out as to what to do? i should end up with 8 or more outputs.

It is unclear but you might want to look at

Hi Jeffery,

It sounds like this might be related to an assignment or tutorial.

To help with your learning, I suggest posting:

  • a sample document
  • what you’ve tried so far
  • any errors or problems encountered

If this is related to a MongoDB University course, please ask in the course forum. We generally want to avoid posting spoilers or solutions for homework.


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