Help: My data wiped at least once a day (docker instance)

Hello community,
My data is deleted every day. The mongo server run under docker, and i never encounter this issue on my local computer.
On the docker side:

  • The mongo setup is set to persistant data
    volumes: - mongodata:/data/db
  • There is no rebuild of the mongo instance from docker (the wipe happen during the uptime)
  • I found the db files in the docker instance, there is only one instance of the files, dates are old enough (mongod.lock is 10 days old)
    I looking in the docker logs, and i see this Error receiving request from client. Ending connection from remote cant it be related ?
    Thank you
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I had the same issue, deploying it on a server without authorization enabled. So it appeared that all data was wiped because of hack. My all dbs all removed but had only db named “read_me_to_recover_your_data”. So the solution was running mongodb with authorization enabled