Hello from the Netherlands

Hi all,

I’m Ruben a.k.a. Aartsie from the Netherlands. Currently I work as software developer and using Mongodb since 2012/2013.I would like to share and keep up to date with the community. What i like about these forums instead of slack is that you can always search back to an older post with valuable information.

Best regards,


:wave: Welcome to the community @Aartsie! The forums are definitely a better way to find past information. And it’s nice to have a single place to go with the consolidation of Slack and Google Groups.


Hello, welcome @Aartsie

@Doug_Duncan I was not aware of google groups, will they shut down the slack channel completely soon?

Welcome, @Aartsie!

@coderkid - yes, as of this past Monday, the Slack group is retired.

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