Hello from Rockset!

Hi MongoDB Community!

My name is Nadine, and I’m a Senior Developer Advocate at Rockset. We recently partnered with MongoDB, and we wanted to introduce ourselves. Rockset is a real-time indexing database used alongside MongoDB for building data-driven microservices. We’re thrilled to join MongoDB World this year and have an on-demand session where we will talk about Joins and Aggregations using real-time indexing on MongoDB. Following the session, join us for a #tech-talk-q-and-a with CoFounder & CTO of Rockset, Dhruba on our community slack channel on June 10th at 3pm . We also have a dedicated #mongodb channel - feel free to ask us questions there anytime!

If you’re curious to see how to do a MongoDB-Rockset integration in under 15 minutes, check out this tutorial. To help get your feet wet, we are currently hosting a few challenges (with, of course, prizes, such as the Bose SoundLink). Hop on over to our slack channel to plug into these challenges, #mongodb. We can’t wait to see what you create!

Happy hacking!
-nadine + Rockset team
@nadine-rockset on our community slack channel

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Welcome to the community, Nadine! We’re happy to have you join us.

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