Hello Friends, This is Jeyaraj from Chennai

Hello Everyone!!
I am Jeyaraj, a Senior Software Engineer/Architect from Chennai, India. I am honored to have this opportunity to lead and contribute to the local MongoDB community.

Here is a little intro about myself:
I am a senior engineer/architect at ZoomInfo, I have a track record of building and delivering large-scale products.

My expertise lies in database design, cloud computing, cloud security, and database performance optimizations, and specifically, I have strong experience MongoDB database.
I have been part of two early-stage startups and two successful exits, where I played a key role in scaling them to success. I enjoy working in fast-paced environments and thrive on challenges that require innovative solutions.
I played a key role in scaling the product from serving just 50 customers to handling over 10,000 customers, while also optimizing cloud costs and saving between $100K to $500K in expenses.

As the Leader of the MongoDB User Group in Chennai, I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and collaborating with other experts in the field.

It will be an honor for us if you join our Chennai MUG , so we can stay in touch !! Lots of special things are coming soon :blush:

You can also find me on LinkedIn


Hey @jeyaraj,

On behalf of the MongoDB community, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you as the Leader of the Chennai MUG. We are thrilled to have you on board and excited to see the contributions you will make to the community.

It is fantastic to hear that you have played a key role in scaling successful startups and optimizing cloud costs while saving expenses. I am sure the community would love to hear about it in detail as well! :slight_smile:

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