Hello Ahmedabad MongoDB Community

I am delighted to introduce myself as the Ahmedabad MongoDB User Group(MUG) leader. My name is Viraj Thakrar and I am thrilled to be a part of this amazing community.

I’ve 8+ years of experience working with different technologies and have been using MongoDB for almost 7+ years now. I am also a MongoDB Certified Developer by MongoDB Inc. I’ve worked on various projects including small scale applications to large scale enterprise systems.
I’ve learned MongoDB from its great documentation and MongoDB University.

I believe that by working together, we can explore new frontiers, tackle challenges, and discover novel use cases for MongoDB. I am eager to facilitate discussions, organize workshops, and host events that promote learning and growth within our community. I value open communication and encourage every member to share their thoughts, ideas, and experiences freely.

I am looking forward to working closely together to make our MongoDB group a vibrant hub of knowledge and expertise. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together, embracing the power and possibilities of MongoDB.

Viraj Thakrar


Welcome to the MongoDB community Viraj :slight_smile: Glad to hear you’re a MUG leader!