Heatmap - How to format distinct values on X-axis?

I have a collection of stats for game matches. There are 28 distinct strings for ‘killerID’, each document selecting a single one. Also, each document has an array of 4 strings, ‘killerPerks’, chosen from a pool of 97 choices. For example,

_id: ...,
killerID: 'wraith',
  killerPerks: [
    'pop goes the weasel',
    'barbecue and chili',

I created a heatmap to plot the intensity of killerPerks per each killerID over a range of all matches; this looks fine.
My issue is the X-Axis only shows a maximum of 8 entries out of 28, and I am unsure how to format this to include more entries, or to create a curated list of killerIDs of my choosing.

Is the 8 items on the x-axis a Mongo Charts default? I don’t see any information in the docs about this.
Would I need to create separate charts and aggregations for 8 distinct killerIDs at a time?

Thanks for reading through this, just started MongoDB University a few weeks ago and trying to learn as I go.

Hi @Anon_Rob -

There’s nothing inherit to the heatmap chart type that limits the number of X axis categories. For example here is a simple chart from the Movies sample dataset with a much larger number of categories.

My guess is that there’s something about your data or query which means that fewer categories are being returned than you might expect. You can use the […] menu to retrieve the full aggregation query used by Charts and test it in a tool like Compass or mongosh to try to get a better understanding of what’s going on.