Heartbeat message of Source Connector is empty

I added heartbeat options like below in my source connector’s config.

  "heartbeat.topic.name": "my.heartbeats",
  "heartbeat.interval.ms": "600000"

But when I checked all messages from the heartbeat topic, I just got empty content with some schema from the messages like below.


How can I get proper content from my source connector?


I am also facing this issue. Can someone please help here? The documentation on this is also not very helpful. I have gone through the following: -

  1. https://www.mongodb.com/docs/kafka-connector/current/troubleshooting/recover-from-invalid-resume-token/#invalid-resume-token
  2. https://www.mongodb.com/docs/kafka-connector/current/source-connector/configuration-properties/error-handling/#std-label-source-configuration-error-handling

@Hyunsang_h , were you able to figure this out by any chance? If yes, could you please share your findings. Thanks.