Having Trouble Connecting to Database Cluster (Connection <monitor> Closed)


I noticed that there are some similar topics, but I don’t think they’re similar enough so I went ahead and made this.

I used this URI to try to connect:


I used a browser-suggested strong password, but it doesn’t seem to have any problematic characters so I don’t think it’s the reason for my issue.

The error I have is copy-pasted here: mongodb-connect-error.txt (gist.github.com)

I was able to solve the issue by setting the allowed IP address (that I could use to connect) to the wildcard So it really wasn’t because of the password.

Hi @Osman_Zakir

Prior to adding to your Network Access List, were you able to connect at all? I.e. You were able to connect at one stage, then at some point no longer were able to connect before being able to connect only by adding to your Network Access List.


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No, I wasn’t able to connect at all.

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