Haven't received my Anti-Patterns badge yet

To whom does one speak to about validating his Anti-pattern quiz master badge. NOT AN EMERGENCY!!! :blush: btw I made a little bootstrap site to document my journey and it will grow and hold all the little side projects that we build through MongoDB University.

I’ll ask our Community team :slight_smile:

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Hi @Jason_Nutt!

:bat: :signal_strength: received; :badger: activated.

Congrats on your 100% score on the Anti-Patterns Quiz and the shiny new badge for your collection (which can also be used as a custom title in the forum).



Nice! Thanks so much @Stennie Thanks for the Anti-Pattern custom Title! :1st_place_medal: I will be using that when I read how to. Also, I am making a little project that I can march through MongoDB University with and pick up and leave off as I see fit and as needed. Today I am going back through M131 in order to solidify and document the journey as well as practicing how to arrange data to have the chart that fits into whatever use case I decide, cuz that is indeed why I am here. To learn how to make this work for anything I encounter right? And I’ll do that for each subject if possible. Anyways, I hope your day is awesome and you learn something new. After I complete this march through school I can give myself another self awarded medal. :medal_military: You deserve one for encouragement and cleverness of nostalgic references. Here I just made that one up sippin’ on a coffee, I gots badge ideas for days, limited number of good ideas on those. I will keep you posted on the progress of this thing I am attempting. Cheers! MongoNutt

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