Haven't Received Free MongoDB Certification Coupon

Hello, my name is Ayoub and I have successfully completed the MongoDB NodeJS developer course. As soon as I finished, I promptly submitted the google form to request the coupon. However, I have not yet received it. I appreciate your assistance in advance.

Hi Ayoub and welcome to the forums!

I will reach out to you via DM to confirm some details with you so that we can resolve this issue.

As a note: we respond to every free certification voucher request form that’s submitted.

If you did not receive an email with your free certification voucher, then you received an email explaining why your application was rejected and what steps you need to take to receive your free voucher.
Please be sure to check your spam folder.

If a student hasn’t received their free certification voucher, the issue is usually one of the following:

  • We were unable to find a MongoDB University account associated with the email address provided in the application. Because of this, we were unable to verify that the student has completed a learning path.

  • The GitHub username provided in the application does not match any successful verifications from MongoDB Student Pack. Because of this, we are unable to verify if the user has active GitHub Student Developer Pack benefits. The user may have provided us with the wrong GitHub username or not yet entered their GitHub credentials at MongoDB Student Pack.

  • The student did not complete a MongoDB University learning path. Students must complete a MongoDB University learning path to be eligible for a free certification voucher.

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