Hardware Parallelism

Are there any plugins to accelerate queries and aggregation pipeline through GPU ?


Is there a way to tell MongoDB to uses SIMD CPU vector instructions ?

Welcome to the community @Piyush_Katariya,

The answer to both of your questions is currently no.

A relevant feature suggestion to watch/upvote is SERVER-36151: GPU offloading, but I see you’ve already commented there.

The first comment on that issue is still accurate:

In the most abstract sense, of course we’d like to leverage the available GPU resources in some fashion. It makes the most sense for heavy OLAP/Analytical queries – but the biggest internal feature we’d need to add first is support for parallel query processing. Then the single request can be divided up into N parts and executed in parallel by multiple threads, subsystems, or even [remote] processes. Then building on that, we could determine which parts would naturally perform well on GPU’s – things like aggregations, sorting, grouping, etc. – and send that portion of the work to the GPU’s using something like the CUDA API.


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