Hard limit on DBs when connecting via ODBC Driver for BI

Hi all,
We’ve been using the ODBC driver for BI for a while now without much issues. However, earlier today I came across a strange error where one of my ODBC connections started reporting ‘unknown’ database. After the initial shock and horror, I confirmed that the database still existed and was working fine.

However, the ODBC driver was still unable to connect to it. We set up dedicated read only users for each db, however the user in question was only displaying the INFORMATION_SCHEMA db and the mysql db. Thinking this was strange, I temporarily granted readAny access to this user and lo and behold, a number of other databases appeared in the drop down list, but not the one that I needed.

Upon closer inspection I realised that the drop down list is only displaying the top 33 databases based on alphabetical order, and the the database I need, as well as a few others near the bottom of the list, are not appearing. We had added a few new databases last week and this must have knocked my requested database off of this top

Even more worrying, it seems this hardlimit is being applied behind the scenes, even when the database login being used only has access to a single database.

We are using V1.4.2 of the unicode driver.

Any help would be appreciated, or if you could point me to where I can log this as a potential bug

Did you find a solution?