Hands on for MongoDB installation

Hello Everyone,

I watched the introduction video and what I understood is, the course has been designed in such a way where I have to use the MongoDB cloud service to complete the course activities.

My query is, what if I want to learn MondoDB installation on the stand alone server for the real time production environment. Is that included in this course ?


Hey @bhavikmunjani

MongoDB Atlas is one way to run mongo db in production; especially if KPMG does. There can be costs involved, since Atlas is a database as a service and provides management type feature.

However to answer your question about

In the first course you will learn how to install the Mongo shell and connect to a running cluster; an Atlas one. In other courses the team will team you how to launch a mongod (daemon) process; which can be done on your local machine or on the vagrant VM environment that you are instructed to setup as in M103. Also in that course you will learn how to launch a replica set and understand the reasons behind a replica set.

There are many aspects that go along with launching a database in production, and I will say I do not think it is all covered in these courses. However these courses are amazing for a deeper understanding of Mongodb!

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