Handling vectors that are INT instead of Double

Using TikToken locally to create embeddings. TikToken returns an array of INT as its vectors. I can create records in MongoDB fine and my embeddings are stored, however when I try to query them using $vectorSearch from my NodeJS app I get:
MongoServerError: BSON field '$vectorSearch.queryVector.0' is the wrong type 'int', expected type 'double'

Should I see if I can ‘educate’ $vectorSearch or should I ‘educate’ my embedder function to create Doubles? I do not believe there is a config option on vector indexes on the expected data format?

Hi Arnold,

Thank you for submitting the question. Can you describe more about the process by which you are creating these integer vectors? Are they a quantized representation of a vector of floats? We have heard of cases where those reduced representations have different types, and have different resource profiles as a result, but never about a vector produced directly from a tokenizer like TikToken that has this data type.

Thanks again,

Hi Henry, sorry for the confusion. Missed a step in actually creating embeddings. Previously tested with another DB that had a function for that.