Hallo from Berlin

Hi there,

I’m Roman - a software developer from Berlin.

Some of you know me as the author of Beanie - Python ODM. Working on it I had the pleasure to meet many nice people using, writing about, and developing MongoDB. And today I’m proud to announce that I’m joining this great community as the leader of MongoDB User Group Berlin!

This is the start of a fun journey, I think. I plan to make events, where people would share their knowledge, participate in discussions and, most important, meet each other. The first one will be announced very soon :wink:

A few words about me:

  • I work as a Principal Software Engineer. My team uses MongoDB as the main data store in our projects.
  • I have been coding for more than 10 years already and still love it much.
  • My favorite langs are Python and Rust
  • I’m a Lego fan :slight_smile:

Here is the MUG Berlin group page. Please, join!

You can find me on Twitter

Thank you


Hi @Roman_Right,

G’day from Sydney and greetings from another LEGO fan :smiley:

Thank you for your continued contributions to open source and the MongoDB community :+1:

:tada: Excellent to see you stepping up as a leader for the Berlin MongoDB User Group – I’m looking forward to hearing about some amazing events!