Hackathon Week 2 Summary

We’ve reached the end of week 2 of the Hackathon and here’s a recap of the updates and activities

We have over 260 Hackathon Registrants so far - this is great - and we’ve room for plenty more, so please spread the word.

Livestreams -

We didn’t quite hit all the streams we wanted to do this week due to illness hitting some members of the team, but fingers crossed, they’ll be back in action next week and normal service will resume.

Do keep an eye on the Event Calendar for more events coming up.


@Joe_Drumgoole built a Python Package to download GDELT Data - Resources for participants in the MongoDB World Hackathon '22 - #3 by Joe_Drumgoole

Hackers looking for projects and projects looking for hackers

We’ve seen great activity with people posting projects and skills, but we really want to see more collaboration and team building. After all, a problem shared, is a problem halved!! So please, don’t be shy, get your creative caps on and think wild about ideas and post them for the community to see and join in. And if all out of ideas, but full of skills, let the community know and I’m sure you’ll be snapped up!

Twitter Spaces

MongoDB ran it’s first Twitter spaces audio stream on Thursday and the Hackathon was lucky to be the first “guest” - you can listen back here - https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1ZkKzbdaZddKv

Call out for Demos

We’re opening up our Fun Hack Friday slots for demos from the Hackathon participants - we’ve already 1 teams signed up, but need plenty more, and all teams who demo will earn some neat one-of-a-kind Hackathon Swag!! So do reach out if you’d like to demo, no matter how early or rough around the edges your project is.

Next week, week 3, we’ve even more live-streaming planned, and we’ve a very special surprise guest, so don’t miss out, keep an eye on the forums for all the updates!

Happy hacking!