Hackathon Project: Issue reshape of the data from collection eventscsv to collection events

Hello I am watching the video Introduction to GDELT for the MongoDB World Hackathon 22 - Session 1 MongoDB presented by Shane and JoeDrumgoole.

I am trying to replicate what they do in the video but I have on issue when trying to do the reshape of the data from collection eventscsv to collection events.


gdelttools-master % make reshape

I can see in terminal:

mongosh --quiet --file=gdelt_reshaper.js

But the collection events is not created and no more info is provided.

I have no experience working with make and I don’t know if there is any previous configuration to be done in the Makefile file.

(I don’t make any changes to Makefile, it’s the same than in the repo).

I am using a Mac for the hackathon.

I have just installed make (It was not installed previously):

$ brew install make

And try again

gdelttools-master % make reshape

I would appreciate help to be able to execute the script correctly, thanks in advance.

Hi Manuel,
I reshaped the data passing directly the gdelt_reshaper.js to the mongosh



I’d recommend running the gdelt_reshaper.js directly with mongosh, as @Crist recommends.

If you’re not running MongoDB on localhost, and the direct port, you may also want to provide the connection string of your MongoDB cluster to mongosh, like this:

mongosh mongodb+ssh://username:password@your.cluster.com/yourdatabase gdelt_reshaper.js
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Hi Manuel,

The reshape step assumes you have already loaded some data with the gdeltloader script. If you follow the package steps you should get some output.

pip install gdelttools # install the package
gdeltloader --master --download --overwrite --last 20 # download the last 20 days of data
make full_data_load #load the downloaded data and reshape it

If you do those steps in order you should get some output.


Thank you, I followed your answer with some suggestions from @Mark_Smith, so I will post my next question as a reply to his answer.

Thank you, I’m not running MongoDB on localhost, so I tried providing the connection string of my MongoDB cluster to mongosh

I need to change a bit the URI:

mongosh mongodb+ssh://.....


MongoshInvalidInputError: [COMMON-10001] Invalid URI:

Using instead this:

mongosh mongodb+srv://.....


Current Mongosh Log ID: 6279438bdf708b5009da2113
Connecting to:          mongodb+srv://<credentials>@worldhack22.s8ynf.mongodb.net/databasehackaton2022
Using MongoDB:          5.0.8
Using Mongosh:          1.1.8

For mongosh info see: https://docs.mongodb.com/mongodb-shell/

To help improve our products, anonymous usage data is collected and sent to MongoDB periodically (https://www.mongodb.com/legal/privacy-policy).
You can opt-out by running the disableTelemetry() command.

Loading file: gdelt_reshaper.js

But nothings more happens and the collection events is not created.

Thank you, I tried your answer, I already have installed the package gdelttools

The following download the files:

gdeltloader --master --download --overwrite --last 20 # download the last 20 days of data

But I tried the command in both directories (gdelttools-master and gdelttools) with the same result

gdelttools-master % make full_data_load

gdelttools % make full_data_load


make: *** No rule to make target `full_data_load’. Stop.

I just realized that in the file Makefile there is not full_data_load as you said, instead is full_dataload.

I tried from the directory gdelttools-master and I get the following resut:

gdelttools-master % make full_dataload
python gdelttools/gdeltloader.py --master --download
File “gdelttools/gdeltloader.py”, line 22
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(epilog=f"Version: {version}\n"

I can see now that the events collection has been created, but on a database called GDELT2 (I had named mine databasehackaton2022), maybe your answer worked correctly, I’ll investigate it again and post the results here, thanks again,

I started from scratch a new project and call the database GDELT2 (I remember now that in the video @Joe_Drumgoole said to do it).

I noticed that this Database name is used in the following scripts:

- gdelt_reshaper.js

- gdeltloader.py

- mongoimport.py

- validator.py

And following your reply the collection events was created successfully, thanks to you and also to @Crist and @Joe_Drumgoole for your help.

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