Hackathon Live Coding and Fun Hack Friday! Week 4

Join the MongoDB Hackathon team to see how we are hacking on our own project!!

In this session, Staff Developer Advocate Nic Raboy shares the progress of his News Browser Web App that he is building alongside all our hackathon participants.

We will be running these sessions each Friday during the hackathon where we will build features onto the WebApp sample app. All repos will be shared, so you can follow along too.

We also use this Friday session to share team and individual progress - so if there’s anything you want to share on camera about your own hackathon project and progress, with all the Hackathon viewers, please reply to this post and we’ll send you an invite link. Anybody sharing is in-line to get some cool swag!!

Join us, it will be fun and you will learn too! What’s not to like!!


We will be live on MongoDB Youtube and MongoDB Twitch


Nic Raboy

Staff Developer Advocate


Mark Smith

Senior Developer Advocate

This will be on MongoDB Youtube and MongoDB Twitch

or you can watch here below (so you don’t even have to leave the Hackathon Forums!! But you do miss out on the commenting and the chat!)

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