GridFS Upload stops

hi. I am using php and gridFS.

We want to upload more than 100.000 files from a folder. But mongodb stops, maybe because of memory??? I used a loop with storeFile() or put().

Is there a better way like bulk or stream to avoid this???

Welcome to the MongoDB community @Infos_and_Facts!

Please provide some more details:

  • By “mongodb stops”, are you referring to a PHP issue or the MongoDB server shutting down?
  • What is the specific error you get when your PHP code stops running?
  • What environment are you running your PHP code from (web app, command line, … )?
  • What are your versions of PHP (php -v) and the MongoDB PHP driver?

A common error for long running web tasks is exceeding PHP’s max_execution_time (30 seconds by default) or a timeout in the web server configuration. If you are logging or displaying errors in your PHP code, execution timeouts should result in a fatal error message similar to: “Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded …”.