GridFS does not support multi-document transactions?

Hello community.

On our project we are using GridFS to store some files called a release pack, which are under same metadata tag considered as a single package.
We would like to be able to roll back other writes in case of a single file write failure (during our release procedure).

We wanted to apply multi-document transaction to this procedure.

But, in the documentation there is a note:

GridFS does not support multi-document transactions.

Could someone explain me why it does not support it? I thought that GridFS is only a standardized way how to store big files as a documents in mongo db. For me GridFS is only touple of collections which have prescribed contractual schema and dependencies.
Why the documentation states the above? Where (drivers/db itself) it is not supported? I thought that as long the db is deployed as replica-set multi-document transactions apply to all collections regardless of its content purpose.