Greetings from Belgium, I'm Peter

Hi all,

I’m Peter Van de Voorde, Global Director for Developer Community Programs here at MongoDB (that’s such a long title to type, so just call me Peter whenever you see me :slight_smile: )
My teams and I are focussed on building out new and upgrading existing MongoDB programs focussed on you, our users. I’m happy I can support @Jamie and her team in creating this wonderful new online community.

I’m based in Belgium, home of the best beer, chocolates, waffles, cyclists in the world.
Before joining MongoDB I worked at Atlassian as a developer relations person and developer advocate.
I’m a recovering Java developer, a board game geek (I own over 150 board games), and I rent out a bouncy castle. I’ve dabbled in Node.JS and I’m a big believer in all things Agile.

I want to welcome all of you into this community and I hope you’ll find what you need and help us build out this community. We can’t do it without you.