Golang uses Mongodb to query document questions

For example, I used Gin and linked to my local Mongodb database via ‘go.mongodb.org/mongo-driver/mongo’. Then I executed the query as follows

// end-restaurant-struct
type UrlNode struct {
	Index int
	Url   string

func main() {
	//now := time.Now()
	Client, err := DB.MongodbPool()
	//since := time.Since(now)
	//log.Println("拿连接时间:", since)
	if err != nil {
	Collection := Client.Collection("img")
	//index, err := indexView.CreateOne(ctx, indexModel)
	//var temp common.UrlNode
	var temp UrlNode
	project := bson.D{{"url", 1}}
	opts := options.FindOne().SetProjection(project)
	err = Collection.FindOne(context2.TODO(), bson.M{"index": 2}, opts).Decode(&temp)
	//since = time.Since(now)
	//log.Println("拿222时间:", since)

The DB.MongodbPool I used here is a link pool I built.
I did just that, but it took over 600 milliseconds to retrieve one piece of data!
I have about 200 documents in my img collection. So I want to ask, is there a way to optimize this query, I want to optimize it to 50-100 milliseconds.