Go back to previous number with column without knowing its previous value

Hello i have a question,

Lets say that i had a column with a number of 5 and it gets increased for example to 10. Is it possible to get this column back to its previous number without knowing what that number was?

And if so how could you do this?

Hi Jasper,
I think I’m not totally grasping your question.
If you want a kind of a roll back, check:


Well basically i want a colomn with a number to go to back to its previous value. But in this case i dont know what its previous value was.

Hi @JasoO,

The only way a scenario like this would be possible is if the changed data has been written somewhere. There is no generic “undo” for a write operation that has been committed.

I think the general pattern you are looking for is document versioning. For some examples of common approaches (and considerations) see:

Some frameworks for data abstraction may support one or more of these versioning variations, but often this is something you have to handle via application logic to suit your use case requirements.


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