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I’m early into a hobby project that is using a Atlas and a Swift REST Vapor API powering a Vue.js front-end, that eventually will have an iOS client. I’ve just watched the keynote for 4.4 and it seems that perhaps I’d benefit from using Realm for this. So if I add a realm application application, will that be just a layer on top of my existing mongo, or will I have to redo the data layer?

Other than the, are there any good or recommended guides/courses people would recommend?


@Jonny The Realm Sync data layer replicates changes between objects in Realm on an iOS mobile app and documents in MongoDB. All of this is done for you in a background thread so you do not need to write any of the code to perform the shuttling of data. What you are describing is REST API on the server-side which will serve data down to the client - Realm Sync takes care of this for you.

Take a look -

And you can clone the tutorial app and get started here -

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Ok thanks Ian, I think that answers my question, which maybe could have been phrased better. But I can essentially scrap most of my REST layer (I’m sure I still might need an API for some things I want to do) and replace with built in realm functionality.

Thank you, great changes in 4.4 :slight_smile:

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