Getting started with MongoDB & GDELT - APAC/EMEA Session

Join the MongoDB Hackathon team to learn more getting started & using MongoDB in your hackathon projects

  • Getting registered for an Atlas account & using discount codes
  • Setting up your first cluster
  • Importing your data use gdelttools & raw mongoimport to get data into the cluster
    (or working with the Hackathon GDELT cluster)


We will be live on MongoDB Youtube and MongoDB Twitch


Shane McAllister

Lead Developer Advocate


Mark Smith

Senior Developer Advocate


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Event Type: Online
Video Conferencing URL


If you can’t make the livestream - but still have questions, post them here as a reply and I’ll be sure to raise and address them on the livestream for all to benefit from.

We will be live in just over 1 hour. You can catch it on MongoDB Youtube and MongoDB Twitch or directly here below - please join in and ask any questions via Twitch or Youtube and we’ll pick them up.

Tha Hackathon Team

I am trying to download data via gdeltloader. But getting the following error

What version of gdelttools are you using? You can find what version by typing `gdeltloader -he.

gdeltloader version is 0.06a5

Can you upgrade to the latest version?

Getting the below issue, when trying to upgrade to latest version. My Python version is 3.9.6.

Aha, GDELT is somebody elses package. You need to install the gdeltttools package. To install and upgrade run:

python3 -m pip install gdelttools

I suggest using python -m pip as opposed to pip directly as this ensures you use the pip associated with your default python. Tip of the hat to @Mark_Smith, my colleague for this suggestion.