Getting started with MongoDB and PHP... Series is out

Hey folks - the first two articles in this PHP Quickstart are out… I’d love to get your feedback.

I’ve started with the basics of getting your environment set up… Then I continue with the basics of CRUD operations with PHP/MongoDB.

Next, I’ll be publishing a sample application where we put these things into practice. Stay tuned for that… also let me know what you’d like to see covered in future articles!



Curious… what should be next in the series?

  • Aggregation Framework with the PHP Driver?
  • Change Streams
  • A usable sample, example app?

Any suggestions?

What a coincidence! Just as I was looking for a guide for using PHP with MongoDB, this was published a few days before I found it!

Its a good and comprehensive introduction, thanks. I had to adjust this, to use a Docker container for the PHP (and Apache) server, rather than on a local Mac machine.

I published my working / final image to Docker Hub:


(PHP 8.0 with MongoDB client 1.9.0)

Can I ask how you would insert a related / linked document? 2 collections, with a 1-to-Many relationship between them.

I dont know where to start. I expect I will need to query the parent collection to get the object ID, then use that as 1 of the fields / properties in an InsertOne() request?

Is it possible to use a simple PHP variable containing the object ID in the same way as just a String variable?