Getting error with the github student coupon code

Hi @Liker_Boon,

I have recieved the coupon code from the github developer package but whenever I apply the coupon it gives out an error " The coupon is either applied before start date or after end date."

Thank you

Same here. Got any way to fix it?

Hi and welcome to the forums!

It sounds like your code might be expired. When were you given the code?

I received it yesterday on github

I have the same issue as the above 3 students!

@luongdinhduc0000_N_A @Soren_Blank @Rach_Pra

Hi all and again, apologies for issue you’re experiencing.

I’ve responded to each of you individually via DM. Please review your DMs and follow-up so that we can help troubleshoot.

@Aiyana_McConnell I am also getting the same error. Can you please help me on this.

Hi there, like many of those in this thread I believe that your code has expired. I’ve reached out to you via DM to collect some additional information so that I can help you.

@Aiyana_McConnell I am also getting the same error. can you please help ?

Hi there and welcome to the forums!

I just followed-up with you via DM :slightly_smiling_face:

The same thing happened to me I also received a coupon code from the GitHub Developer package but the code is already in use, “which means the coupon code was already expired”


Hi there and welcome to the forums! I’ve reached out to you via DM to try to troubleshoot. :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you apply your Atlas credit code to a MongoDB instance? Are you trying to apply the credit code to a different MongoDB instance? If so, please be aware that you cannot transfer free credits between MongoDB instances. Once you’ve applied the credit code, you can only use those free credits in the MongoDB instance you applied them to.

If you’re having issues with your Atlas code and reply to this thread, please be aware that the MongoDB offices will be closed for the holidays from December 23rd to December 27th. Expect a response on or after the 27th. Happy Holidays! :christmas_tree: :tada: :star2:

Same Problems here.
please help

Hi @_N_A73, welcome to the forums! I will reach out to you via DM to help resolve your issue.