Getting "cannot retrieve data" error in Mongodb Charts

I created some charts using a sample database that I have. I have 6 charts and each of them are running fine when sample database collection is used. However, whenever I am connecting with the whole collection I am getting the error, “Cannot retrieve data” and none of the charts are loading.


When you state “whole collection” here, are you referring to all of the documents within a specific collection that is not one of the 6 sample database collections?

Additionally, can you share more information about the collection having errors and what data you’re trying to show?

Lastly, what cluster tier is the chart associated with?

If possible, please provide any steps to reproduce the error as well.


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I have used only 1 sample collection for all the 6 charts which is a subset collection of the actual collection. All the charts draw data from 1 single collection. The cluster is M40 (General). While using the sample collection the charts are running fine, when using the actual collection, I am getting the error.

You should be able to get a more detailed error message if you click on the “failed” link in the chart footer.