Getiing error 209 and in mongosync

Im getting below error while replicating using mongosync.

’ retryable function did not succeed after 3 attempt(s) over 360.88 second(s): failed to fetch last write state from destination cluster: (NotWritablePrimary) not primary",“time”:“2023-10-26T11:02:15.01850716+04:00”,“message”:“Error during replication”} ’

erro codes: 209 and 10107 .

mongodb version: 6.0.5
mongosync version: 1.0.0
mongosync connection type: direct connection

mongosync.conf connection strings: cluster0: “mongodb://adminuser:passwd@:27017/?directConnection=true”
cluster1: “mongodb://adminuser:passwd@:27017/?directConnection=true”

Tried adding readPreference but still getting error.

Thanks in advance for help