Geospatial Scatter Chart 1000 documents limitation


I want to create a Geospatial Scatter Chart but I have 1500 points and in this type of chart we have a limitation of 1000 documents as said in (

1- I want to know if there is a way to increase this number and if this isn’t possible,

2- Can I use the 1500 points to create the graph and then use a dashboard-level filter (Filter Your Dashboards with MongoDB Charts | MongoDB Blog), so that when I apply a dashboard-level filter, the number of points will (hopefully) decrease to less than 1000 and they will be all visible in the chart?

To clarify, in 2 I want to graph 1000 visibles and 500 “invisibles” points (I’m assuming that when you graph 1500 documents, only 1000 of them are visible) so that when I apply a dashboard level filter, if the result is less than 1000 points, then they will all be visible.

Thank you!!

Hi @Fryderyk_Chopin -

The limit of marks per chart type can’t be changed, but the limit does apply after all filters are applied. So what you’re suggesting (have the chart “natively” return more than 1000 marks but use dashboard filtering to get under the limit) will work.


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Thank you so much Tom! :smiley:

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