Geospatial Data Types, Distributed Edge, Realm JS v12, and Atlas Device Sync sample apps | Community Update Aug 2023


New in Product

Realm JS v12 released

The Realm JS team is proud to announce the release of Realm Javascript v12. It is a complete re-write of the SDK with typescript support. Thanks to the developer community for their feedback. Realm JS v12 now supports full-text search, compensating writes, flexible sync subscriptions API, and geospatial queries.

Geospatial Data Types

The Realm Team is pleased to announce the support of Geospatial data types in Realm .NET and Node SDK. Support in other SDKs to be added soon. You can now easily create location based queries to find points of interest around the globe. Soon you will be able to boast to your friends about the new cafes in town :wink:

Atlas Device Sync: Edge Server

The MongoDB Mobile Team has released Edge Server in private preview. Edge Server can assist in processing data critical applications close to where the data is collected. Find out more on the new features for a Distributed Edge from our Product Manager Ian Ward at .local New York 2023 including a demo with Realm C++ SDK.

Atlas Device Sync and Realm: Samples

The Realm team has curated a set of Realm Example Projects to help you get familiar with the SDKs. There are examples for the Kotlin, .NET, and Swift SDKs including Field Level Encryption, User/device online status, and State Change & Error Handling.

The Realm JavaScript SDK with WebAssembly Support - Preview Release

The SDK with the WebAssembly support allows you to build real-time web applications for the browser using the Realm Database API and Atlas Device Sync. Head over to the documentation for more information on cloning a sample app. Let us know your thoughts in our community forums.

From the Community

Asynchronous Writes: What thread do I access Realm from?

An interesting discussion between our newest community member @Igor_Stasiv and MongoDB Champion @Jay revealed that you can use Realm’s asynchronous method call for writes on the background thread instead of a Dispatch Queue. Find out more about Actor-Isolated Realms Instances.

Realm Relationships: What are backlinks?

Data Modelling varies depending on an application use-case. Some fascinating discussions between our community members @shyshkov.o.a, @Jay and our engineer Desislava resolving how backlinks are computed properties and is automatically filled in when a forward link is created. Find out more on Inverse Relationships.

August Special: The React Native Show Podcast

Databases for Mobile Apps

In podcast episode #25, our Realm JS Senior engineer Andrew Meyer discusses databases for React Native Apps and Realm in particular matters for React Native developers. Topics like hydration/dehydration of state, syncing with a backend, and how Realm React makes it much more smooth to implement data persistence are touched.

Please use our MongoDB Feedback Engine to provide your feedback and upvote the features you hope to see.

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Community Manager,

MongoDB Community Team

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