GeoJSON WYSIWYG & Compass Plugins

Hi! I’ve been working with a lot of GeoJSON data in MongoDb - its been great, but, something I’ve come to dream of having is the ability to edit the GeoJSON data right in compass, but in a visualized way (not just the string representation of the data).

At first I was thinking I could build a tool that connects to my Atlas database, and reads/writes to my collection, but then I realized Compass already does most of that; it just doesnt have the visualization layer on top.

I’m imagining the ‘edit’ of a geospatial field, could open up a map, with the GeoJSON rendered on the map, and then its editable right from there via a new interface. (something that looks like a simplified version of or It would be great to help visualize and edit an entire collection, or just a single document.

So, a few questions came out of that thought:

  1. Does anyone know if theres a way to do this already?
  2. If its not possible already then is it possible for me to build a community plugin on-top of Compass to support that?
  3. If so, is there any documentation to help point me in the right direction for that? And if not, is there any suggested alternative way of handling this idea?


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I’m not a MongoDB employee but I like :+1: your idea, and other such ideas, of a community contribution to expand what MongoDB themselves call The GUI for MongoDB.

Follow that link to the source, download it, and build it. I did so for a couple of years and it was sometimes challenging.

Once you can build it (get help here in the Community and/or via the MongoDB Issue Tracker) , then:

  • Fork the repo
  • Branch
  • Make changes
  • Submit PR

Don’t code too deep before you submit your PR because with a WIP (Work In Progress) PR (not finished, please comment, etc.) you’re likely to get valuable feedback early on that will help you avoid chasing the squirrel up the wrong tree :grin:

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