Garbled text from context.http.get as source of AWS SES emails

Quicjk update - can 100% reproduce your issue unsure where it is happening though, will debug now.

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Thank you very much @John_Page

Hello @John_Page do you have news on this case?

Hello @John_Page do you have news on this case? The 3rd Party Services will be deprecated in just 3 weeks.

Hi André,
I replied to you about this on the 12th of June by email. We can reproduce the issue but as that context.http service is being deprecated it won’t get fixed. I gave you a workaround for it but also now the latest version of Axios works and so we woudl expect you to move to that. If you are still having issues using Axios instead of http.get then reach out and I can help again.


const emailHtml = await context.http.get({
    url: ''
    // created this new URL with only that thank you note
  const body = emailHtml.body.text();
  var Buffer = require('buffer').Buffer;
  var str = Buffer.from(body, 'binary').toString();

Thanks @John_Page I didn’t get the email, if you can please send again.

I didn’t know the context.http was going to be deprecated, I thought it was only the 3rd party services.

OK, will move to Axios, any version of axios or something specific?

Could you please send an example? Last time I tried the response was being returned as binary from Axios. Please refer to the message, in this same thread:

Thanks again

I hadn’t realised that context.http was considered third part services at first either but the team corrected me on that. You want this page

Thanks! Will proceed to Axios.

Will do so within the next week and come back here to close this thread.

Thanks a lot for your attention and support so far.