Context.http - Going to be deprecated..?


I just noticed this response on another thread from @John_Page which states that context.http is also going away on August 1st. I understand that the'http') will go away. But not the built in context.http

Is this definitely the case? As if it is, it’s not been highlighted very well. I was under the assumption that this was a core built in modeul. If it is being replaced then myself and I believe a lot of others will need to know about this asap. As from the docs below, there is nothing about it being deprecated.


I don’t think the context.http client is being removed for the 1st August, that’s would cause many many people issues myself included.

But the advice from the team is to use fetch or axios as they plan to ultimately not duplicate functions that exist in well maintained node modules.

The other thread shows an example of a bug they have declined to fix.

Thanks! Is there any chance you can check with the atlas app/realm team to make sure this is the case?

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your question. The team has decided to extend the deprecation timeline for 3rd party services from Aug 1st, 2023 to November 1, 2024. There will be no impact to applications using 3rd party services or context.http on Aug 1st, so no immediate changes need to be made. Although as John mentioned, our recommend approach is to use fetch or axios.

We will be updating the banners in product as well as in documentation this week to reflect these changes.

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Thanks @Laura_Zhukas1 for the extended timeline.

A question, are we looking in performance benefits for those who do not use 3rd party services?

For example, with 3rd party services disabled the function runs in a newer, upgraded environment, light, faster?

Hi @andrefelipe, yes we have on-going work to continually enhance functions, as well as, a larger project to target this upcoming on our near-term roadmap.

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Thanks @Laura_Zhukas1 that’s exciting to here. It’s great to rely on MongoDB Atlas platform.


Hello @Laura_Zhukas1 any news about the Functions enhancements?

We are about to start a new project, and would like to rely on the service again.

Hi @andrefelipe thanks again for reaching out! From my comment on the other thread, I just sent you an email to schedule a call. Happy to walk through the upcoming roadmap, as well as go over your new use case and ways we can help support you in building out your new product.