GameDev with MongoDB and Unity, The Untitled Leafy Game

About this event

Every year MongoDB has an internal company-wide hackathon known as Skunkworks where staff can team up and build something interesting with MongoDB. This year (2020) Nic Raboy from the Developer Relations team and Barry O’Neill from the Technical Services team at MongoDB teamed up to build a fun and educational game that leverages MongoDB and Unity.

In this virtual event, you’ll learn about the 2D side-scrolling platform game that was built for the competition, how we built it, and even help us add new levels and content to the game.


Nic Raboy

Nic Raboy @nraboy

MongoDB, Senior Developer Advocate

Adrienne Tacke

Adrienne Tacke @yo_adrienne

MongoDB, Senior Developer Advocate

Barry O'Neill

Barry O’Neill @barryoneill

MongoDB, Senior Technical Services Engineer