GameDev Episode 1: Designing a Strategy for Building a Game with MongoDB and Unity

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Will it be available on Linux and Steam? :smiley:


Stretch goals for sure! :wink:


:100: for Linux / Steam


Hi @yo_adrienne, had a quick a question about the Plummy Game you guys developed over Season 1. Thanks a lot for the amazing series btw.
I am trying to replicate most of your steps, but was really interested in working with my game through WebGL. For that, I am not sure if the backend you and Nic designed using Main.js works. I think Karen’s strategy using webhooks would be easier via Realm. I know you guys want to address this in Season 2, but could you give like a short summary of what I would need to change to incorporate WebHooks instead of a backend?

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Hey @Owais_Hamid! Thanks for checking out the series and for posting on the Community Forums!

Always so happy to see more peeps get into game development :grin:

Yes! Webhooks can definitely replace the Node API we initially created. To do that, you’d create some Realm Functions and Webhooks that you’d interact with instead of calling a self-hosted backend (like we did with our main.js file.

Check out this walkthrough of how to configure a service webhook in Realm.

If you have any questions about the walkthrough, feel free to come back here and ask them and I’ll do my best to help you through them!

Thanks for the prompt response, @yo_adrienne, the resource you provided clarified a few things, but for the most part, the code Karen wrote to configure a service with a webhook worked well.
I think I will write a github gist that details the main steps to connecting MongoDB with Unity through Realm sometime soon to clarify it further for others.
Thanks again for the response.

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Hi, I am new to MongoDB but is considering it for our next game. For most people security is very important and we are currently experimenting with Unity Cloud Code. My question is how do you manage things like Client Secrets etc. to protect against hackers?