Fuzzy Search with mongoose

Hi guys, I am facing problem with mongoose fuzzy search. It is completely useless because I wanted to search results like tickets title and description, But it is not returning the best results. It is giving me the less rows. Like If I search “Ticket” and in DB there are ten rows with “One Ticket”, “Two Ticket” like that it is returning only three to four rest of six are missing, Strange thing. Kindly guide me I am in middle of it. Sorry I forgot to tell you that I am using “mongoose-fuzzy-searching” module.

Welcome to the MongoDB community @Wasim_Akmal !

mongoose-fuzzy-searching is an open source community plugin for Mongoose, so you may want to try discussing questions directly with the maintainer at Issues · VassilisPallas/mongoose-fuzzy-searching · GitHub. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to have been any commits or replies in this repo for a few years, so you may have to investigate and fix the relevancy issue yourself.

If you are looking for a more robust (and officially supported) search solution, MongoDB Atlas Search is available for all Atlas clusters (including free tier).

For some articles and examples see MongoDB Developer Centre: Atlas Search and the MongoDB Atlas Search unit at MongoDB University.



@Stennie_X Thanks, I was just confirming this because I did all research on this. Fuzzy search is a key component so I guess mongoose should provide it.

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