Functions on Node 10?

Is there a way to upgrade what version of node is used on Atlas? Says it’s running Node 10, trying to pass JSON Web tokens.

It’s not even supporting the passage of JSON webtokrns in GraphQL so I’m seeing it’s unsupported entirely for Atlas GQL.

Anyone got a fix so far?

Came to realize why GQL couldn’t pass a JWT, it’s because it doesn’t support Custom Scalars in Atlas still, now realizing that. And it can’t pass payloads from one scalar to another within it still. So that answers the GQL side, but still figuring out JWT side for functions. As it should work but doesn’t want to, for some reason it’s on Node 10.

I know for a fact it’s possible to authenticate and pass JWT via Functions, I’ve literally seen others do it.

Did something happen recently with Functions for passing JWT?

Right now I’m trying to setup a function to pass user login for a friends inventory and sales website, and for the life of me I can’t get JWT to work for the function.

{"message":"Value is not an object: undefined","name":"TypeError"}

This is the error I keep getting, and I know it’s lying to me lol. I swear to all that is holy that I have literally seen people pass JWT in functions.


This was the issue, we weren’t using an old enough version of JWT. Not too thrilled due to security issues, but you have to use JWT 8 to pass through Atlas Functions.

Not sure when Atlas will support JWT 9 released last year, but that’s what the issue was.

Just to add: the outdated Node version is becoming a pain for others too. Please help by upvoting here Upgrade Node.js version (from v10 to v14/v16) – MongoDB Feedback Engine