Free Tier is broken.... 326MB too much for 512MB deployment

I think something is broken with Free Tier for the DBA labs.

I’m not sure why I keep getting this pop up?

Hi @Brock ,

I believe this is due to the sample data set being imported being around 350MB. Based off your screenshot the current Data Size for that cluster is already at 336.6MB / 512MB (i.e., Only about 176MB free).

Since theres only ~176MB free, when you try import the sample data set of 350MB, this error will be shown.

For example, I have a test cluster thats already ~420MB:

When I try import the sample data set:

Hope this clears things up.


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Some options I can currently think of is:

  • Create another Project and a new M0 and import the sample data set to that fresh M0 (So that you can also still have the existing M0 that you tried importing the sampel data set to) - The new project creation is due to the limit of 1 M0 per project.
  • Delete enough uneeded data off the existing M0 until you have ~350MB free space to try the import again. Of course, it probably would be best to perform a mongodump backup before hand in this case :slight_smile:


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I get that, but I never imported any data, so I’m not sure what the other 300+ MB is for/from? I just created this as a part of the lab, the labs been over for a hot minute now, just manufactured a second lab from the current lesson, generated different users automatically, I’m kind of lost on the logic of this line of classes so far and the consistent creation/load of M0’s and sample data.

Some lessons are auto loading the sample data while saying you need to upload it, others are giving you statements saying you need to install 9 of the sample data sets (there are 8 for options) and others saying the sample data is preloaded didn’t have sample data loaded.

It’s not that big of a deal per se, just confusing when you’re trying to go by the instructions step by step what it’s asking on the fly to get through the easy parts fast.

But also, even when not trying to load in sample data, that pop up comes up everywhere, even with 0MB per the chart.

The data will still upload, but the banner never goes away.

Also the course will say it’s 1.25 long, 2.00 long etc. I’m not sure what this number is supposed to mean, as some labs are only 10 minutes long if that including videos. In several labs you don’t go over anything but copying and pasting a single script to say create a DB in the first lesson, the quiz says Cluster0 etc. is the cluster name, which it’s not. And user generated wasn’t it was Cluster46957 just for correction for the exam segment, the username and cluster names it says it’s supposed to generate weren’t accurate.

It took until I think the 3rd lesson lab where you can finally generate:
Project name: “MDB_EDU”
Cluster name: “myAtlasClusterEDU”
Database user: “myAtlasDBUser”
Password: Left blank
Permissions: “readWriteAnyDatabase,dbAdminAnyDatabase”

And this was created automatically by pressing “next” you don’t actually type in any CLI commands to build this.


I’m referring to the labs in the image.

Get started was a copy and paste, as typing in the username didn’t work and then it auto generated its own username and populated date on its own. After saying you were supposed to do it.

The Next one it populated the labs and everything by just clicking next, and made a project with the M0, stated sample data was already going to be loaded but also said there were 9 collections that would be present, there was no sample data loaded and only 8 sample datas available with the 9th you had to make yourself.

The 1 hour unit also only took 15 minutes.

Hi Brock - Can you elaborate on what you are trying to do in terms of the lab and which lab(s) you are referring to?

If there a specific page or step that you believe “auto loading the sample data” then please advise of these as well.


Hi @Brock

It looks like there are multiple different issues at play here, in order to help you with the lab-related issues can you email the subject and the link to this post to that will allow us, specifically the labs team, to help more precisely focus on your problems and on the suggestions you have made.

Apologies for the run around on this, the labs team do not monitor or support in this forum in an active fashion so to get the right help around the lab questions/suggestions, please email

Thanks you and appreciate your patience in taking this to another ticketing system,

Hi Eoin,

I’ll send a comprehensive list after I finish all the courses in the path, I’ll take notes as I go along.