Free Alternative to Mongo Atlas Data lake?

I am working on an appilcation that needs Archival of data wrt date created. I am planning to create two seprate MongoDB cluster with same collection names. So, is there any library or tech is there like Mongo Atlas Online archive/ data lake for free? to fecth/query from two different database at the single query? Mongo data lake having the unified interface to fetch data from two DBs with single query, which involves cost. Is there any free alternative to it?

I am using Java& Sprinboot for my backend

Hey @Imrankhan_M. While I’m not aware of any free alternative. I can say that a Federated Database Instance is very inexpensive. The way the service works is that we push down as much of the query as possible to the underlying cluster so we transfer as little data as possible between the underlying cluster and the federated database instance.

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