For Free Tier To Dedicated Cluster

Hi, right now I´m testing Atlas with a Free Tier, this is M0 instance.
I have two questions.
I can upgrade this instance to another… for example M30, make some test and then return to the M0?
If this is yes. I only will pay the M30 cost the time I used it??.
For example, I upgrade the instance for one hour, and then return to M0 and I will pay one our of use??
O maybe the best way is create a new cluster M30, make the test, and destroy the instance. In this case, I only will pay for that hour??.

Hey @Roberto_Gutierrez

From the docs


  • You cannot downgrade an M10+ cluster to an M0 Free Tier or M2/M5 Shared-Tier Starter instance size.
  • Changing the cluster tier from an M0 Free Tier or M2/M5 Shared-Tier cluster to an M10 or larger cluster tier requires downtime.

So your option b would be the only choice. Create a new M30 then shut it down after the hour. And you should only be charged for what time and data you use.

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Hi Natac13, thanks! It´s clear now!
Best regards!

Also for completeness, note that an Atlas cluster (replica set) that gets scaled up to an M30 can always be scaled back down to an M10, and/or a dedicated (M10+) cluster can be paused/resumed at any time: once paused, the cost drops drastically to just cover storage. Note that a paused cluster by default un-pauses automatically in 30 days.