For atlas search not getting document & embeddedDocuments data type in Edit With Visual Editor option

Hi there,

I’m having a mongodb atlas cluster with the following configuration,

  1. Cluster Version: 5.0.14
  2. Cluster Tier: M0 Sandbox (General)
  3. Cluster Type: Shared
  4. MongoDB Version: 5.0

I’m referring this video for creating a index with field, which is an array of objects.
For creating and editing index with field mapping I’m using Visual Editor.
So in add field mapping for Data Type Configuration I’m not getting Data Type option for document & embeddedDocuments type.
I’m just getting selection for String, Autocomplete, StringFacet, NumberFacet, DateFacet, Boolean, ObjectId, Date, Number, and Geo.

Please suggest what should I do for getting document & embeddedDocuments data type?

Hello Brijesh,

I can see from this documentation link that embeddedDocuments is not supported to be created using the Atlas UI Visual Index Builder.

To make it simpler for now you can do the following:

  • Create the index as you desire from the Atlas UI index builder with any other data type.
  • In the last step click on view JSON.
  • Copy this JSON and cancel the index creation.
  • Change the type to embeddedDocuments and then use this JSON to create the index.

I hope you find this information helpful.

Mohamed Elshafey

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It worked! Thank you @Mohamed_Elshafey