Flexible syncing model - Roadmap

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switching from realm.io to MongoDB Realm I’m missing the query based sync. For example I’m having a “User”-object that has a private partition-key. This user has a “Classroom”-object as a linking object. The problem is, that the classroom should be linked to multiple user and must have another partition-key.

I could add the classroom partition-key to my user and open the classroom with another realm. But this is getting really complicated with many objects from different partitions. Also this way makes it hard to pass the change event to the object that is linking.

I was very happy to find Ian_Ward’s statement that you are already working on this with high priority. Can you roughly say when this feature will come? Will it take weeks, months or even longer?

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@Marcel_Breska Definitely months I am sorry to say. It is a complex technical problem; and that takes time unfortunately. I will say that we are working on it every week and hope to deliver an alpha in the short term, with follow-on iterations after that - beta, GA, etc. I know this may not be the timeline you are hoping for but in full candor, if you need something right now then it may be best to look elsewhere.

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