Flexible sync, nodejs/javascript, only updating on initial start

I am able to create an initial sync to my data

const realm = await Realm.open({
    schema: [dnsRecordSchema],
    sync: { user, flexible: true },
const subscription = realm.subscriptions.update((mutableSubscriptions) => {


I am able to query the initial sync and get results. However, if I make changes in atlas it does not sync down to the device, I have to restart to see the updates from atlas.

I would like to understand why that would be happening, My understanding was that upon creation of the subscription the updates would take place. I appreciate any help I can get, thanks!

So after many hours of adding and checking. The device never checks or picks up changes or sends changes. I am not sure the subscriptions work at all.

Hi, can you post a link to your application in services.cloud.mongodb.com? I can take a look to see what might be going on.